Sleeve sealing machine+shrinking tunnel

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Automatic Sleeve shrinking machine/Shrink tunnel ST6030A+SM6040
automatic sleeve wrapper,wrapping machine,shrinking wrapping machine

Scope of Application

Used for packing the beverage, beer, mineral water, pop-top cans and glass bottles with a tray or a carton etc.

Technical features

ST-6030A+SM-6040 Auto Sleeve Wrapper is designed for the single product or the products with a tray, the sealing machine can be connected with the production line and with its auto feeding, film wrapping, sealing & cutting, shrinking and cooling, need not an operator.
ST-6030AD+SM-6040D is on the base of ST-6030A+SM-6040, adopts a double cylinder pushes, and double the capacity as well.

Basic parts

* ST-6030A adopts imported advanced technology and artwork, ensure the machine's stability and reliability;
* The film feeding is controlled by sensors, so that much lower the wast of the film is made.
* The imported Omron digital temperature controller from Japan ensures the accuracy of the temperature;
* The imported Sick sensors from Germany induce the product;
*The stepless mechanical speed controller adjusts the conveying speed;
Adopts Mitsubishi PLC , realized the integrated with the machine, electricity and air;
* Adopted specially designed sealing cutter, results in perfect sealing line, avoid the film sticking the cutter;
*The conveying belt can be set on the left or right side according to the customer's needs;
* SM-6040 adopts double imported blowing motors assure the hot air inside the tunnel even, and shrink effect is more compact;
* The adjustable hot air guide flow frame inside the tunnel makes more energy saved;
Adopts solid steel roller coved silicone gel pipe, chain conveying, and durable silicone gel;
* Adopts Taian transducer from Taiwan controls conveying speed, stepless speed control;

Model ST-6030A
Machine dimension L×W×H(mm) 1360×2120×1900
Max packing size L×W×H(mm) =700
Sealing cutter size/tunnel size L×W×H(mm) 700
Infeed conveyor height (mm) 850±50/1500
Sealing temperature/shrink temperature 0-200?
Packing speed(pcs/min) 8-18
Net weight (kg) 380
Power (kw) 2
Power supply 3f220V/380V 50/60Hz
Compressed air (kg/cm3) 6.0
Film used PVC ?PE


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